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Made in USA Roundup 001 Summer Time

I spend a lot of my time thinking about clothes, and a lot of the time they’re clothes that are made in the United States. Here are 5 things I wont be able to stop myself from wanting as the summer heats up.

Battenwear’s 5 Pocket Shirt

I want two things out of a summer shirt, a cool pattern and pockets, and the Five Pocket Shirts from Battenwear fits the bill perfectly. They’re a perfect marriage of the Cuban guayabera, and Hawaiian shirt giving one the functionality of 5 pockets, and laid back styling that Summer nights call for. The patterns are unique without being tacky, meaning that “cool shirt” comment you hear from people passing by won’t be sarcastic. View it here.

Battenwear’s Camp Shorts

Another Battenwear pick may be cheating, but I don’t care, they make good things. These are going to be my dog walking shorts. I love a no-nonsense pair of shorts to change into after work to take to stretch her legs and set the land speed record for 4 year old boxers in North Charleston. These will hold up to just about anything, and will certainly look better than the swim trunks i’ve been wearing instead. View it here.

Stan Ray Tapered 4 Pocket Fatigues

While their distribution stateside has been relegated to uniform stores and workwear specialty shops, something the company has said it is working on, Stan Ray have been having a moment in the sun. The cotton sateen is a lovely alternative to denim during the warmer months, and the roomier cut will remind you just how comfortable looser pants are. I bought a pair in March and I haven’t gone more than a few days without wearing them. View it here.

Freenote Cloth’s Awning Stripe Shirt

Awning stripes are a favorite of mine, bold and vertical they’re a good way to add some visual interest to a warm weather ensemble without going wild. This shirt stands out to me for two reasons, the double-stitched pocket, and the 50/50 linen and cotton blend.

As mentioned before, I appreciate a good pocket, and this one will hold up to anything I throw into it. The linen will allow air to flow through, and dry quickly while the cotton will keep things from getting too crunchy and wrinkled. View it here.

Maine Mountain Moccasin Blucher in Tan Rough Out

If you’re anything like us, the idea of having to set your boots aside all summer brings a small tear to your eye, that’s where these bad boys come in. With a hearty Vibram sole, Goodyear welt, and durable rough out upper, they have all the hallmarks of your favorite boots, but the low cut allows your ankles to breathe. These are partially lined in a buttery soft goat skin that needs to be felt to be believed, and are a welcomed addition to keep your socks in their best shape. View it here.

— Caleb