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Made in USA Roundup 002 Work From Home

More and more people find themselves able to work from home every day; and while the prospect of spending all day in your pajamas can seem appealing, just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Most people who work from home find that putting on something more substantial than a pair of grey sweats can make them more productive and feel more accomplished as the day goes on.

Below are some of my favorite choices for work from home essentials that are made here in the USA.

Save Khaki United Twill Easy Chino in Khaki

Working from home doesn’t mean you won’t want to head out for a quick cup of coffee or run a few errands, but it does require something extremely comfortable. Enter, the Twill Easy Chino’s from Save Khaki. The twill is durable enough to handle anything your day throws at them, and the comfort of the elasticated waist will help remind you how nice it is to be away from the office.

S.K.U. Home Work Popover Shirt in Grey

Like everything in the Home Work collection from Save Khaki the Herringbone Popover shirt is made entirely of American materials and labor. The comfort of American combed cotton is unrivaled and who can’t use two giant patch pockets at the hip?

Rancourt Freeman Slipper in Natural Chromexcel

Perhaps the best part of coming home for the day is taking off your work shoes and slipping on a pair of well worn in slippers. If you haven’t ever been lucky enough to do that with a pair of leather slippers as soft as this pair from Maine’s own Rancourt Co, you’re cheating yourself out of something special. The double stacked Chromexcel leather soles are durable enough to step outside in, but I prefer to keep these as house shoes.


Appointed Notebook

A good notebook is a must have if you want to stay as organized and on task as possible. Personally speaking, my work days are so much more improved when I am able to write out a to-do list and keep myself organized. The best notebook I’ve found is from Appointed, made in DC and available in either grid, lined or blank sheets, there’s something for everyone, no matter how you work.


Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

Even working from home entitles you to a lunch break, and I can’t think of a single thing in the kitchen that I would recommend more than a good cast iron skillet. Lodge has been making them in Tennessee since 1896 and continue to be considered the industry standard. If taken care of properly (simply rinse and scrub clean without soap after every use) they can last several lifetimes. My mother still uses her grandmother’s skillet just about every day, and it shows no signs of giving up soon.

— Caleb