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Well Worn: Caleb's Hough Wallet

There is something that feels almost like magic when you notice something you use everyday has changed. How all of a sudden, the leather has become softer and more supple, the one card that didn't seem to fit at first now fits perfectly and the leather wraps itself around the contents to keep them in place. You can see that in the edges of the Hough wallet, after just a few days of wear as they start to wrap around the ends of my credit cards. And if you look carefully, you can see the indigo from my jeans in the stitching. I store my cards so the numbers face into the wallet rather than out as to avoid the imprint those would’ve left in the leather.

Caleb's Olive Hough Wallet

I’ve used this wallet everyday for the past year and a half, and have only used Otterwax’s Leather Salve on it once. I have always felt that less really is more when it comes to wallets.

I try to keep what I carry down to the essentials, there are 4 debit or credit cards, two insurance cards, and I still like to carry a few bills just in case, but those don’t last too long working so close to Brown’s Court and Sugar Bakeshop. The leather we used for this initial run was a lighter shade of green, and I much prefer the newer, darker cut and will probably switch it out soon, and begin this break-in processed again.

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