Clark Dopp Kit - Small

Sale price$80.00

Are you the the efficient, the not-one-inch-of-wasted-space kind of packer that others only dream of being? Have you been unable to find the dopp kit to match your optimized travel routine and scratch the itch for timelessly styled materials? Good news, not only did we slim down the best selling Clark dopp kit, we rounded the edges to give it a sleeker profile, ensuring that your daily essentials don't ever take up more room than they need to. 

Its water-resistant, twill exterior and seam lining mean that if something breaks or pops open while traveling, the rest of your belongings should be dry and protected.

Finished with two interior pockets and a bridle leather handle, you’ll be tempted to buy a few just see what else in your luggage could benefit from being packed away in one of these beauties. 

Dimensions:7.5" W x 3" H x 3" D
Material:Olive Heavyweight Twill

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