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American Trench

American Trench was founded in 2008 with a mission to make something that didn't exist anymore; an American-made trench coat that lived up to their high standards. Rather than just make a coat as quickly, and cheaply as they could, slap on a "Made in the USA" label and sit back an relax, founder Jacob Hurwitz asked "How can we do the best for the people around us?". They answered that by analyzing each step in the process of making a coat, and using the best materials or labor for each.

The socks are made with the same ethos in mind, and have quickly gained the attention and acclaim from anyone who has had the pleasure of wearing a pair. Using American materials when it best serves the product, and always American labor. We're proud to not only carry but wear some of the most interesting socks in the world. Wool, recycled cotton, linen, cashmere and yes, even silver are used by American Trench to make fun, and dependable socks that you'll be thankful for.