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February's New Arrivals
New Products

February's New Arrivals

February's an interesting month in the shop and Charleston in general. The weather can oscillate between winter cold and summer warm, so even when you have to grab a coat you want it to be the brig...

New ProductsCordura Oxfords

Cordura Oxfords

The Oxford is a team favorite, just about everyone of us has one, or maybe even three, but who's counting?

New ProductsFrom The Pile

From The Pile

Harkening to Mystery Boxes, Grab Bags, and End of Day shirts from brands we love, this is our way to stretch our sustainability practices just a little further.

MaterialsMaterial Spotlight: Briquette Heavyweight Twill

Material Spotlight: Briquette Heavyweight Twill

Chances are, you’re already familiar with twill and you’re just not aware of it yet. If you’re wearing denim, chino or gabardine, you’re wearing a twill. Twill weave is formed by passing the weft ...

BeltsHow We Measure Our Belts

How We Measure Our Belts

The waist measurement for our belts is the length between the middle hole and the fold of the leather at the buckle.

MaterialsMaterial: Bridle Leather

Material: Bridle Leather

 Originally made to meet the high demands of a rider and their horse, bridle leather needed to be soft enough to be worn on the face of the horse, and sturdy enough to handle every possible weather...

Bag SpotlightBag Spotlight - Prospect Briefcase

Bag Spotlight - Prospect Briefcase

The Prospect Briefcase is one of our longest running designs, only receiving a few tweaks over the years to make it a more functional, and more durable EDC bag.

MaterialsMaterial: Teal & Orange Cordura

Material: Teal & Orange Cordura

Over the past few weeks we've been sneaking some new colors and materials onto the shop floor, two of our collective favorites are

New ProductsFall Winter 2021 Lookbook

Fall Winter 2021 Lookbook

Here are some of our favorite shots from our shoot with our dear friend Lizzy.

New ProductsAmerican Trench FW 2021

American Trench FW 2021

The new Fall & Winter line of American Trench's socks have arrived! Here's a few of our favorites.