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American Trench FW18

American Trench FW18

We just received our first shipment of winter socks from American Trench, like many of y’all, fall and winter socks are our favorites. When looking at the range of socks we pulled in this year, I think subtlety, I think cool, both in temperature and feeling. Gone are the pastels of summer, and the novelty for novelty’s sake of vacation shirts. Winter is a time for taking care of yourself and pushing back against the frost, but let’s not surrender all of the fun to summer with a pop of gold here, and a hint of orange there.

In their constant search to provide people with more interesting, and at times indulgent materials to knit socks with, American Trench has given us some of their crowd favorites. Both the Wool & Silk Boot socks, and the Merino & Cashmere cry out to be shown off beneath more winter appropriate sneakers, or a heartier pair of Red Wings. Warm and luxurious with a sturdy construction, they combine Italian yarns with American construction to create one of my favorite parts of winter.

American Trench gives the traditional fair isle pattern a modern shot in the arm by making an indigo dyed pair, and a slightly more traditional color-way that conjures images of pine forests and the warm and welcoming embers of a campfire. These have just the right amount of winter charm that will never have anyone wondering if you’re on your way to an ironic ugly sweater contest, or one without the irony.

Rugby stripes, I shouldn’t have to say more, but I will. These are made with recycled cotton, so you can look good while doing good. These are a perfect year-round weight, I wear mine as much in July as I do January.

The true workhorse pairs in this line-up are the Silver Activity, and Silver Crew socks, both knit with anti-microbial silver yarns to fight odor and control moisture. The Activity pairs are made of merino wool, the athletic stripes add a bit of personality to an otherwise utilitarian pair. Crew socks are the most straight-forward pair we have, the solid navy and black colors ensure that none of your coworkers will notice if you have to wear them a few days in a row. In fact, the silver allows you to skip a wash or two with these in a way that I cannot recommend with any other cotton socks. It’s also a suitable sock for vegans who want all the benefits of wool socks.

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