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American Trench SS19

American Trench SS19

The temptation to stuff all your winter coats away, hide your sweaters and pull out your bathing suits as soon as the weather starts to turn towards the warmer, sunnier side of things is a temptation shared by many. A friend of mine calls it "first 'Nice Day' syndrome", and it usually causes you to forget there’s still some chill left in the air, and that Spring guarantees nothing.

I struggled to find a way to celebrate the arrival of warmer days without jumping immediately into summer clothes until I started paying attention to my socks. Now I am able to put away the merino and cashmere blends of December, and reach for Supima cotton.

We just received our Spring and Summer shipment of socks from American Trench, and I wanted to highlight a few of my favorites.

Retro Stripe

American Trench Retro Stripe Socks

I’ve decided that I have a favorite sock, and it’s these. The first thing I noticed was the stripe placement, not too high, not too low. Then I felt the extra padding in the foot and fell in love. The weight of the Supima cotton has been perfect in both the warmest and coldest days of early spring, and the no nonsense detailing will keep me coming back to these this summer.

Silver Crew and Rugby

American Trench Silver Crew and Rugby Socks

American grown Supima cotton, and moisture/odor controlling silver are combined to give us an incredibly soft and comfortable sock ready for just about anything. Office, weekend, destination wedding for a couple you barely know, perfect! The silver means you can skip a wear or two before having to wash them, and the lilac and pink colors make perfect sense once all the flowers have started to bloom.

Critter and Floral

American Trench Critter and Floral Socks

When some people hear "versatile" they also hear "boring", but those are the people who haven’t worn a pair of these yet. The lightweight cotton used in these allow you to wear them with boots, dress shoes, and sneakers, but the patterns have enough panache to ward off any accusations of boredom. These take inspiration from traditional Berber rug, and Japanese woodcut patterns, and we just can’t get enough of them.

– Caleb

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