American Trench

American Trench SS 2021

American Trench SS 2021

It's new sock time in the shop again, and that means it's time to talk about some old favorites, new additions and year long stand by's from American Trench. 


The Sol Socks take their inspiration from Conceptual and Minimalist artist Sol LeWitt, whose midcentury work is instantly recognizable and helped lay the groundwork for both movements. Though when I first saw these I was struck by the placement of the pattern. Just low enough to get some attention, the stripes are bold and the palettes on each are perfect. These are both rewarding to wear and look at.


The Japanese Floral pattern was a shop favorite when they were first introduced in early 2019, and the response was incredible. So when we saw that a new versions was coming for this spring, we knew we needed them. The versatility of these is unmatched, the cotton is slim enough to fit into dress shoes, but robust enough to hold up in a pair of boots. These and the never wrong, always in season Breton Stripes are my number one recommendations for a 'Swiss Army Sock', every drawer needs a pair or three. 


The Palm socks look and feel like paradise. The layout is very bold and unmistakably summer. The Supima cotton used on these are very soft and the fit is universal both in the range of foot sizes they'll cover, but also the vast array of shoes they'll fit in without your toes ever feeling encumbered.

Last of the new arrivals are my favorite socks to wear, the Retro Stripes. These are an absolute joy to wear all year, but especially in the summer. The terry knit foot bed is absorbent and cushioned, the Supima cotton soft and forgiving on the hottest days, and the color choices are always the best throwbacks to the summer camp of your dreams. The orange and blues were on my feet as soon as they arrived. 









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