Duck Canvas

An Explosion of Color

An Explosion of Color

While Spring is still more than a month away, we couldn't resist shaking off a bit of the winter doldrums with brightly colored canvases to tide us over til then. Here is a snapshot of the ones that spark the most joy in us right now.

The Gold and Nantucket Red Franklins are back along with a new Sky Blue canvas and updated side tab tags for a lower profile look. 

Gold is the color so nice we've used it twice, and look how great it looks as a Bristol Backpack!

We've also been exploring more color ways by using movies, sneakers, albums, radios decorating the store, and anything around us as inspiration. All of those can be found on our instagram @jstark. A personal favorite of mine is the Fischer color way, taking it's inspritation from Jason Schwartzman's character in Rushmore. 

The Bristol also looks incredible when done in Regatta Blue & Natural as well as the Glacier Blue & Orange. 

Now many will say Orange is an Autumn color, and they're right, but when Orange looks as good as the Gridwax canvas, it's a year-round hit. We're nearing last call on the orange Logo Totes, and it's been a team favorite so we had to make sure it got it's proper shine here. 

The runaway favorite of the sneaker collection was the Chunky Dunky colorway, and I'm starting to think the Sentinel was made for this colorway. I think the Green and White are incredible here, and it's a good way to add some color without jumping head first into it. 

Most of these are available in store only at the moment, but if you email us at we can get you set up with anything, especially if it's a custom combination of any of the colors you see here. 


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