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American Trench FW 2020

American Trench FW 2020

Every year we look forward to sharing with y'all a selection of American Trench's socks. This year every pair was made just four hours away from our Charleston shop in Hickory, North Carolina. Below are the highlights of the most recent delivery. These are likely to go fast this year, so if you can't make it in to see them in person, email us at and we'll get you taken care of.


Southwest Diamond & Rio Grande Serape

If your year went anything like mine, you had a quite a few trips get cancelled or indefinitely postponed. While no pair of socks will make up for not being able to hit the open road, the Southwestern U.S. inspired designs and color palettes of these four pairs can help ease the pain, a bit.

Silver Crew

Far from basic, these straight-forward J. Stark crew favorites are knit with an incredibly soft cotton and the star of the show; antimicrobial, moisture controlling, odor destroying silver. Whether you’re traveling or just hanging out around the house, comfort is key and these deliver. Along with your standard Black and White we brought in Gold and Dusty Rose for a little bit of flavor this season.

Retro Stripe

A truly unisex fit, terry knit cushioned forefoot and never-wrong color combinations have made the Retro Stripe collection a year round favorite of employees and customers alike. The cushion is just enough to give you enough bounce without bulk so you’re able to wear these with just about any footwear you can think of. I grab a pair every year and this year is certainly no exception, I love the green and orange against the subtle off-white, American grown cotton.

Rugby Stripes

Year after year I call these the “workhorse pairs” and with good reason. Enough flair to keep it interesting, but never too much to distract, timeless color combinations, recycled cotton and lycra to keep these stay up and hold to the leg, a medium weight that fits in everything from hiking boots to work shoes and loafers. These can do anything, go anywhere and stand up to just about anything your day might have in store for you.

Merino Activity

Knit with American sourced merino wool, considered on of nature’s best performance materials, for its moisture wicking and temperature regulating abilities, and combined with silver to really kick the moisture and odor control into high gear. These can skip more than a few washes if that’s what you need them to do. These will certainly keep you warm, but wool does a wonderful job of helping to regulate temperature rather than create its own heat, which means these won’t be too hot at the end of one of those fall days where the temperature starts in the 40’s and climbs to high 70’s. 


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