Bag Care

How We Measure Our Bags

How We Measure Our Bags

When we refer to W, H, and D in our product listings, here are the sides of the bag these dimensions correspond with.

When we mention a 13" and 15" laptop, we’re using the same language as the laptop manufacturer, in this case Apple. When the manufacturer says their laptop is 15" they’re referring to the size of the screen measured diagonally, and not the overall size of the laptop itself, which can vary from model to model.

These are the two example laptops we use in the shop:

Our 15" laptop is a 2012 MacBook Pro. It measures 14.3" wide, 10" tall and is 0.71" thick when closed.

Our 13" laptop is a 2017 MacBook Pro. It measures 12" wide, 8.36" tall and is 0.59" thick when closed.

If you have any questions about how your laptop will fit into a bag, please reach out to us with the measurements for width, height and even thickness and we’ll answer everything to the best of our ability.

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