How We Measure Our Belts

How We Measure Our Belts
The waist measurement for our belts is the length between the middle hole and the fold of the leather at the buckle. The extra holes give you room to adjust the belt throughout both the day, and the life of the belt.
Our belts are not vanity sized, and the size that fits you best can vary from the tag size of your favorite pair of pants. When looking for a new belt, it's best to measure either a belt you already own in a similar manner to how we've done, or measure the waist of a pair of pants that fit you well.
Below is a size guide for the majority of our sizes. 
Tagged Size 28 30 32 34 36 38 40
Size Range 26"-30"  28"-32" 30"-34" 32"-36" 34"-38" 36"-40" 38"-42"

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