Material: Bridle Leather

Material: Bridle Leather
 Originally made to meet the high demands of a rider and their horse, bridle leather needed to be soft enough to be worn on the face of the horse, and sturdy enough to handle every possible weather condition, no matter how difficult the ride. It’s for these reasons that it was a natural choice for our handles and shoulder straps. 
Made by hot stuffing a blend vegetables and tree barks into the cowhide, then soaking the hides for several weeks in another all natural blend. All of this is done to the highest standards by Wickett & Craig in Curwensville, Pennsylvania. It's a very long and labor intensive process but it makes for a leather that will last more than a few lifetimes. While never losing it's strength, bridle leather becomes soft, flexible, and supple after a short break-in period, and with a little TLC will last as long as you'll let it. 
We use bridle leather for all of straps, handles, as well as our leashes, collars and our entire wallet collection


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