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Material Spotlight: Briquette Heavyweight Twill

Material Spotlight: Briquette Heavyweight Twill

Chances are, you’re already familiar with twill and you’re just not aware of it yet. If you’re wearing denim, chino or gabardine, you’re wearing a twill. Twill weave is formed by passing the weft ...

MaterialsMaterial: Bridle Leather

Material: Bridle Leather

 Originally made to meet the high demands of a rider and their horse, bridle leather needed to be soft enough to be worn on the face of the horse, and sturdy enough to handle every possible weather...

MaterialsMaterial: Teal & Orange Cordura

Material: Teal & Orange Cordura

Over the past few weeks we've been sneaking some new colors and materials onto the shop floor, two of our collective favorites are

MaterialsMaterial Spotlight - Cinnamon Duck Canvas

Material Spotlight - Cinnamon Duck Canvas

One of the newest fabrics we have on offer has all of the security you've come to expect from duck canvas with a very surprisingly soft hand