Otter Wax Heat Activated Fabric Dressing

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Melting the wax before applying it allows for a deeper, more saturated waxing. Best suited for waxed fabric, or giving your waxed canvas a smooth, “factory fresh” look.

Made by Otter Wax in Portland, Oregon.

Instructions for use:

  • Remove label, and lid and place in 1.5" of cool water
  • Simmer on medium heat, reduce at 180 degrees
  • Wait until wax is uniformly melted
  • Use a natural bristle brush or soft cloth to apply
  • Apply evenly, with enough pressure to work wax into the fabric
  • Only use as much wax as can be absorbed to prevent crusting
  • Allow fabric to cure in a warm, dry room for 24-48 hours

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Dimensions:Net Wt 1/2 Pint